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We have partnered with Thrive 

Community Counselling and Thrive Mental Wellbeing are pleased to announce that award winning digital mental health services are now just a click away for all of our service users!

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Thrive Mental Wellbeing is unique. Developed by a former NHS Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist, Thrive is designed to screen for the symptoms of and intervene in a mental health condition. Using a combination of the latest technology, research and a team of proactive therapists waiting to reach out and support you, Thrive delivers a service designed to support everyone, well or unwell. 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health condition this year, and Thrive is designed to support all users equally with accessible, private and confidential mental health support at the click of a button!

Having built the gold standard clinical screening tools into a 2 minute daily check up, the Thrive service is simple - check in regularly, and Thrive will take care of the rest. Underlying AI has been trained to create a journey for each individual user - taking your check in screening results and designing the ideal pathway to recover and build resilience. If you do screen positive for the symptoms of a mental health condition, Thrive's groundbreaking technology will create the ideal pathway to support. The app will create a bespoke journey for you individually, taking you through Computerised CBT, completing symptom management sessions, or give further instant access into relevant services that can give you extra support. Research studies evidence that Thrive usage increases rates of recovery and the speed of a recovery from a mental health condition!


Thrive is anonymous, private and confidential, and Thrive can't share user data, because your data belongs to you! 


Speak to your counsellor or contact us to start your Thrive journey today!

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