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Fundraise for us

Whether you’re a person who’s benefited from our counselling services, or you are part of a group or organisation that’s looking for a local cause with a big impact, your support is so important. Whichever you choose you’ll make a difference, please contact us here to discuss options.

Make us your Charity of the Year

Many companies and their employees work together to raise funds for their ‘Charity of the Year’, making a big impact on a small charity like us. If you choose Community Counselling as your Charity of the Year, we will be on hand to advise how your staff can get involved in fundraising activities, volunteering time and skills, events, challenges and more. A Charity of the Year partnership is a great way to provide staff engagement opportunities to aid personal development and boost morale. 

You can give to Community Counselling by using your mobile

To donate £3 Text CCL3 to 70085

To donate £5 Text CCL5 to 70085

To donate £10 Text CCL10 to 70085

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