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For Parents 

At Community Counselling, we recognise that when a child struggles with their mental health, the whole family can be impacted. This is why, when it is appropriate and safe to do so, we like to have the input of parents and carers to gain a fuller understanding of what is going on for the child and how this is impacting home life.

We will often ask parents/carers to contribute to the therapy.  This will be by helping a child to complete homework, either manually or electronically using the Thrive app; having psychoeducation sessions for the whole family; or asking a parent/carer to attend the final five minutes of some sessions so we can identify together any positive changes that may help outside of the therapy room. It is important to point out that anything the child says is kept completely confidential and that any information given to the parent/carer will be discussed with the permission of the child first.

We always encourage young people to speak to a loved one before they start counselling, so they have some support before and after session. However, we are aware that for some people this may not always be possible. A young person can refer themselves to our service and if this was to happen we will discuss the option of ‘Gillick Competency’ with them.  This means that a young person has the right for their sessions to remain confidential from others, including parents/carers.

If you have any questions contact us 


Your child may be given resources such as note books, a diary and coloured pens. 


The children's counsellor may use items to help your child express their thoughts and feelings 


The children's counsellor may suggest creative therapies like sand trays or drawing.  

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