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Options Counselling Service 

What is the Options counselling service?   

‘Options’ is a chargeable service, providing 1-to-1 counselling with a qualified practitioner.  Clients have a range of options, compared to our free-to-access services: 

Clients can chose how many sessions they have: counselling can be brief or longer-term: the number of sessions are mutually agreed between the client and the counsellor. 

Clients have greater choice about the date/time and venue for counselling:  we offer daytime and evening appointments: appointment can be face-to-face, by hone or online to address access issues and to suit your lifestyle.   

Options offers significantly shorter waiting times, compared to our free-to-access services.  This is because we work with a different group of counsellors to those providing our free services.  We can usually offer an initial assessment appointment within one week of receiving a referral and a first counselling appointment the following week.   

How do I self-refer to Options?

You can complete our online referral form or request a referral form to be sent to you by calling  

01653 690124

(calls are answered between 1pm-4pm and confidential voicemails can be left at other times).

What type of Counselling can I access 

We offer:

Counselling £44 per session which last 50 minutes. 

EMDR £66 per Session which can last up to 90 minutes. 

Psychosexual Therapy £60 per session which last 60 minutes. 


The Options service offers face to face (in certain locations only), online and telephone counselling.  This will be discussed at the time your appointment is booked  

Why does Community Counselling charge for this service 

Thanks to the generous support of our funders, we are able to offer most of our services for free.  However, for people who do not meet the eligibility criteria for our fully funded services, we do have to make a charge as we have no other sources of income.   


Assessment appointments last between 45 minutes and an hour.  As well as the counsellor gathering more information, it is an opportunity for you to find out more about how counselling might help and to identify goals for counselling.  


Whilst we provide a confidential service, there are certain exemptions to that confidentiality.  For example, we may contact you GP if we have a concern about your safety.  However, we will discuss our concerns with you prior to taking any action. 

Options is a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited Service. 

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