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Meet our Children's Counsellor 

Nadine Owen is a children’s therapist who has lived in the Scarborough area her whole life. She has worked with children and families who are experiencing behavioural, emotional difficulties, neurological disorders as well as trauma.

About Nadine 

I work with a variety of counselling approaches as well as creative therapies. I strive to find the right approach for each child and young person. I describe myself as a pluralistic therapist, meaning that I see every client as a unique individual and use various methods depending on the child’s needs. I always offer a non-judgemental and kind approach to my service.

I provide therapy in a variety of different ways including, face to face and online. As well as one to one sessions, I also deliver group therapy. Group therapy, can be really successful when working with anger, anxiety and delivering psychoeducation.

Over the past 12 months I have been working in local schools, I have recognised the strain Covid-19 has taken on children’s mental health. Watching the mental health strife that children have endured over the past 24 months has contributed to my commitment in helping as many children as I can in the Scarborough area.


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