You can nominate Community Counselling to receive a £1,000 donation from Ecclesiastical Insurance Office as part of their Movement for Good campaign.  To nominate us go to the website and enter our charity number which is 1151230 - and thank you! 

18th to 24th May 2020 is Mental Health Awareness Week.  The theme for this year is kindness.  To find out what you can do for Mental Health Awareness Week visit the website

A new website has been launched to help prevent suicide.  The Suicide Prevention Network focuses on the needs of those who are at risk of suicide and were already struggling even before the Covid-19 outbreak.  

Tees Esk and Wear Valley NHS Trust have launched a new mental health crisis support line.  The number is 0300 0200 317.   We have not been provided with detail about the hours that the new help line is open as yet. 

The NHS has published advice on how to look after your mental health during the Covid-19 crisis.  Please click here to access the website.

These are our suggestions on how to manage your Work Life Balance [WLB] whilst working at home:

  • plan how you're going to use your time, so you feel you have control;
  • take care to plan relaxing activities as well as work;
  • take regular breaks away from the screen;
  • if you're having meetings by video e.g. Skype or Zoom bear in mind that it is more intense working in this way - you can get a lot more done in the same amount of time.  Meetings can be/need to be shorter - your concentration will dip sooner and you will have achieved more anyway;
  • take regular exercise - it's a good way to set you up for the day.